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Sketched Worldsa variety of

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by Fabrice Schomberg

  There was an animal that could swim, fly and run, this animal could see and hear everything and it could be anywhere, the only problem is that whenever they met, they had nothing to talk about, since they all had seen or heard the same things.

  One such animal decided that this silence could not go on, the animal decided to stop flying, because it was too easy to see everything from above, and when this animal met another of the same species they would talk of what the other had seen and the other had not seen, it was wonderful, soon all the animals of it's kind stopped flying for this reason and after a long while again they silenced for they could still hear everything, especially underwater, so the same animal decided to stop swimming.

  Now for this animal to get from land to land without flying or swimming became a impossible, the only way the animal could hear about other lands was by not getting to them hearing stories from the other animals and even using it's memory or imagination, and it was lovely, stories were exchanged and soon again all animals of it's species stopped swimming and were based only on land were they could run and even talk their time and walk.

  After a long while this too got boring so the one animal decided again to differ and stuck his head in the sand, and this is why Ostriches dig their heads in the sand till this day.

copyright © 2011 Fabrice Schomberg

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