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Sketched Worldsa variety of

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Writer / Storyteller / Artist

  Sketched Worlds is a project I founded on the 21st of June 2006 with the release of my first book in its cadre, Stardust, containing four templates of stories or worlds created for others to use in whichever medium.

  The scheme behind this project was that I was looking for a format in which I could distribute and offer my ideas to a public. Apart from manifesting my ideas in writing, hosting a platform for these ideas to be spread in seemed a good solution and thus commenced staging these developed ideas sparked from my own in the various mediums as seen in this production, including radio broadcasts, theatre, music, books, drawings and lectures.

  The writings I use is of a visual content, yet without laying these visual aspects of mine on print, thus giving an audible or visual freedom to the inspired illustrators artists, musicians, actors, dancers, filmmakers and animators to use.