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Sketched Worldsa variety of

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by Fabrice Schomberg

An astonishing
discovery set global climate anew.
Emerging technologies ignited a man-manipulated
era of atmospherically controlled environments
and man embarked upon new a form of
warfare on battlefields once the
realm of nature.

  By attracting the vapour of clouds, man learned to direct weather by accurately altering his environments humidity and temperature. Hydro powered organic motors required the concentration of various salts for fuel. These provided the climatic control humans wanted by directing barometric pressures that positioned clouds to make deserts flourish or swamp droughts.

  During work on tulip pigments, international researches revealed discoveries claiming colour was in fact playing a role in directing the nature of weather. The colour of plants and trees would lure clouds towards them, it determined the sugar levels of the water that attracted the slight amount of salt compound in the clouds, which worked in a similar manner to a magnet exerting a pull on metal. Water became the political issue. Weather manipulation was initially thought to have a role in agricultural development, by influencing some clouds to extract or others to absorb sun rays and moisture. It was assumed to be another one of nature's evolutionary enigmas awaiting man's harness.

  Trees and plants worked as climatic aerials. Winds created by the trees blew and strengthened their branches, giving trees the liberty to shake off leaves and distribute their pollen. By the same means they lured birds to nest seeking refuge to shelter from their self-caused winds. In return, the birds tendered their hosts by soiling their ground, pest controlling and spreading their seeds over vast distances. Man discovered that once these natural abilities were manipulated, they could be used as weapons.

  Senses work together, linking a climate to a population's mood in a similar way as colour can affect temperament and an environment can affect feelings. Weather itself has a distinct tint, with similar effects that could affect or threaten the stability of regimes. Stabilized weather comes together with a stabilized economy, for example a normally cold country would thrive on warm weather.

  Various allied states hoped to gain an advantage by building firm and strong climate networks, expanding their geographical span. However a spawn of interior conflicts upset these plans. Different needs and interests threatened fragile coasts with unexpected tornados and hurricanes and other natural disasters, such as tidal waves, earthquakes and droughts not yet experienced for their magnitude in human history, resembling apocalyptic science fiction tales. These abnormalities were no longer casually regarded as phenomenal oddities once civilization was confronted by a constantly rising sea level, that posed a continual threat of bursting dikes and drowning islands.

  People originally were part of the chain of responsible animals designated to maintain nature's status quo, harmonically helping the preservation of the planets habitat and its ecosystem, by subconsciously funnelling the correct amount and type of gasses and fluids. However, without having an influencing role in the climates system behaviour. Yet this mammalian addition to a mutated ape that walked on two legs, got smart a set off on a self-destructive course, taking everything around him with. Abusing and trying to use up as much as they could of natural resources, until alternative power sources had to be found.

  A self produced currency, presented itself to have a rational relational measure for pumping non regenerating fossil oils that made their way into the atmosphere by fuelling motors. Even though better and cleaner technologies were at hand, such as hydraulic engines, mans addition to the ecosystems abuse and his currency, cared for these plans to find their way back to the petroleum companies they were up against. Stuffed in their archive draws they were destined to be lost in the avenues of time.

  Governments blamed these atmospheric irregularities on pollutant factors that were usually ignored. Diverting people's attention from valued fossil oil powered conflicts they claimed that gradually these pollutants created a hole in an invisible blanket covering the globe called the ozone layer, which masked the cause for the regions the instabilities. The hole in the ozone layer was only one of the symptoms, weather misbehaving made animals as well as humans to migrate and cross to other countries causing bureaucratic complications.

  Although hourly bulletins hinted a constant weather change, placing people in comfortable fear made them neglect these irregularities until large scaled disasters appeared more frequently. Disasters that pushed economy up as only catastrophes could do, just as wars financed weapon industries, men found ways to profit from natural disasters through various aid funding and rebuilding services.

  It was later discovered that people's thoughts and temperament also affected the climates development and played a role in the movement of clouds. A persons mood, affected his diet, changing the amount of body sugars and salts in him, the very attracting components. A rich diet of vegetables acted upon the weather differently to one of chocolates. These moods could be carefully engineered by such controlled weather, with too much sun people became happy which came in handy for preventing revolts from discontent people due to failed policies, psychologically scaring people with weather had a similar effect.

  Harvesting animals and forest logging had an impact on the barometric pressures as well, as once green patches of land became deserts, stripped from any roots that once held fertile soil together. A soil that most likely would have anyway been dysfunctional due to chemically composed rain blown from sky scraping chimneys, effecting agricultural growth and killing off the livestock.

  And so season cycles varied and light tinted exposure differed. Religions wanted to set peoples mind away from the weather after to many non-reliant apocalyptic prophecies, so came the idea and need for controlled environments as a status of climatic stability was essential. Another simple story of how the harmony between flora and fauna which coexisted for ages, could be destroyed with the involvement of man.

  Despite a scare of global warming which didn't seem to concern anyone before, a few scientists claimed that although the globe was heating up it was in fact officially cooling. Due to the pollution, less sun rays hit the planet that gave an real illusion of global warming since temperatures were rising, sun rays penetrate the earth yet the warmth emerging from them was trapped in the atmosphere due to a pollution blanket known as smog nearing artificial ice age.

  A sudden rise of skin cancer required more naturally protective ultra violet weather systems that needed the right alliances to work. Countries in conflict with their neighbouring countries had a hard time in climate controlling. Some had to rob rain by seeding electronic pulses into the hovering clouds they managed to attract to draw rain.

  Gradually local weather conflicts involved countries that used to be powerless and had gained more power due to their geographic placement changing the political demographic map. For instance, small islands with vast quantities of humidity or hot dry air could easily capture cool breezes from the arctic or warm ones from the equator and afford to divert and export. Currency was replaced by tailored weather and again the poor became poorer who couldn't afford expensive sky farmers.

  Until a boring flat land which had the most accurate weather forecast on the globe as well as being one of the richest countries with no notable natural resources, used their gravitational advantage of low altitude for easy hydro attraction and caused a world war, since they talked about nothing but the weather and had to steal it so they could have something to discuss. A war that came to an end giving birth to a perfect boring new world, making people wonder "what now and then what" as they couldn't talk about the weather any more.

  And so a new era began, a perfect world long aimed at by well-funded self-claimed green protection groups. In their opinion, the planet was healthy. Like every war, developed technological achievements used for warfare, changed human life at times of peace, this time it was the way humanity regarded and used flora. Humanity whose ancestors were originally fruitarians became vegetarian mainly in gratitude to the addition of salty fruits to the menu in place of meat.

  Custom made weather was a common thing that could cancel storms or order snow. By evaporating rain clouds summertime could be ordered if approved by different organizational services, other temperaments for various occasions could be relatively fitted within different beliefs as global peace allowed every religion to have their appropriate weather needed for their festivities.

  and environmentalists ruled the world and were content,

The End

edited by Don Maxwell, copyright © 2006 Fabrice Schomberg

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