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Sketched Worldsa variety of

by Fabrice Schomberg

They all lived on the sea

  Suddenly there came a big wave that displaced them all. Some of them got to a place on the sea where there were no stars and they did not know where they were afloat, and others drifted away to a place on the sea where there were too many stars and they lost their sense of direction.

  Above a cloud lived a pirate who had caused all this. He would sail the sky and steal the sea, which caused such a turbulence for this great wave to be. Above them all he stole the sea more and more into his clouds which made them bigger and bigger. The clouds became so large that the sea leveled and fell to a point where land could be seen. The boats docked on each side and the people met on land. But the sea pirate carried on stealing the sea until it was no more, leaving only toppled boats on dry land.

  The sea pirate had stolen so much of the sea that it flooded the sky, and the stars came flushing in from one side to the other, spreading around as they are today. The sky could no longer hold the sea and it rained until it gathered around the land and there was again sea. The pirate sailed away with his clouds,

and that is how islands came to be.

edited by Janet Cartlidge, copyright © 2011 Fabrice Schomberg

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