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Fabrice SchombergFabrice Schomberg
various writersvarious writers

by Fabrice Schomberg

There was a man who could talk to the wind.

  His name was Man who talks to wind. The man would talk, but also listen. The wind would say “I am the mightiest of them all. I can shape waves in the sea, draw clouds to rain, spread fires and even move mountains, for they all serve my will.”

  Indeed the wind was fierce, but lonely, with only Man who talks to wind as its friend. The man had tamed the heart of this powerful element, until his will and that of the wind were in tune.

  Whatever weather he wanted, he would just ask and the wind would bring it.

  Sometimes Man who talks to wind desired rain, sometimes he wanted the sun to shine and even sometimes he wished for a windy day.

  But after a while he got bored and all he wanted to do was sit down and relax.

  Then he wanted sun all around him, yet have a cloud above his head for shade. He was thirsty but did not want to move from his spot. So he asked the wind to make it rain far away and create a flowing river next to him, then all he had to do was dip his glass into the water when he wanted a drink.

  It was perfect, the perfect weather. However, for there to always be a cloud above his head, the sun to shine, and water to flow by, all the other people living around had to endure bad weather, as it constantly rained on them. For them it was cloudy, cold, damp and very windy, all the time.

  They certainly didn't like the constant wet weather, so one by one, they came to ask the man if he could talk to the wind and make this dreadful weather cease.

  However, the man had no reason to do so and did not want to oblige, for he was happy with the sun all around him, a cloud atop his head and water flowing by.

  Persistently, they all visited the man who could talk to the wind so that he would make this bad weather stop, but to no avail. Man who talks to wind would not be persuaded, for he was happy - the wind was blowing around him, shielding him from the cold, clouds, rain and breeze.

  Each time they approached, demanding the weather be changed, Man who talks to wind caused the elements to worsen and the weather to deteriorate even more.

  The discouraged people went back to their bad weather of rain, wind and grey clouds, feeling helpless. Nothing they said could influence Man who talks to wind to change his mind and divert his will, for their distress didn't bother him at all, as long as he himself was comfortable.

  One day yet another person asked the man if he could stop the bad weather around him, but of course he, too, was ignored. So this person said,

  “Well, that’s your choice, if you won’t talk to the wind, I will play it some music,” and he played all over and around, the most beautiful music that the wind had ever heard.

  The wind was so touched that it stopped blowing around Man who talks to wind. Clouds from around him came in with a gust, a storm burst in, pouring rain upon the man and blocking the sun, making him cold and damp and furious!

  How dare this person disperse the wind with such infuriating music.

  The man was so enraged that he sent a storm towards all the people.

  The sky darkened, the rain exacerbated and it poured continuously for days causing a great flood to cover the land, until all that was left was a lake where once stood

the man who could talk to the wind.

edited by Janet Cartlidge, copyright © 2007 Fabrice Schomberg

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