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a lecture by by Fabrice Schomberg based on gematria.

We begin

  from the top and then go below. In between we have Sea which in the language of the sea is יָם (Yam). Above all this we have a Sun, which in the language of the sea, is called שֶׁמֶש (Shemesh). This can be read backwards or forwards

  The rays of the Sun come down and the Sea evaporates, rising up into a cloud of water, which in the language of the sea is מַיִם (Mayim). This also means ‘from the sea’ מִיָם (Miyam) and can be read from right to left and left to right. The wind blows the water towards the mountain where it breaks and materialises into single drops that merge and run down towards the sea, which means יַמָה (Yamah) in the language of the sea.

  The water flows with a force that can move boulders until it reaches the Sea, and the fertile erosion it carries settles until the water is again gathered by the Sun, and this we call Nature, or, in the language of the sea, טֶבַע (Teva).

  We may ask ourselves “What is this?” or, posed in the language of the sea, מַה אֵלֶה (Mah Eleh). מַה אֵלֶה equals the number 81 in the language of the sea which, as it happens, is also the number Nature represents, as טֶבַע (Teva) totals 81. The number 81 when read from back to front is 18. In the language of the sea this adds up to Life חַי (Chai), which is where we are.

  With a simple calculation that only life can produce life (since something lifeless cannot produce it), we may now pose ourselves the question “Who is this?” or, in the language of the sea, differentiating itself only with one letter, from מַה אֵלֶה (Mah Eleh) to מִי אֵלֶה (Mi Eleh). This now adds up to 86 which, when this is paralleled to Nature, it is only equal to it when we consider Nature to be All Nature הַטֶבַע (Hateva), as this adds up to 86 as well.

  Scrambling the letters from the second question מִי אֵלֶה (Mi Eleh) we get the name of the God of All Nature in the language of the sea אֱלֹהִים (Elohim), which also means God of The Sea אֵלהַיָם (El Hayam).

  Therefore we now understand its name to be The Sea הַיָם (Hayam), being part of All Nature which includes the life we are in.

  Using this logic of deduction, it follows that we come from a spiritual source, materialising into a single drop or cell that multiplies into other cells and, with the energetic power of youth, can also shift boulders until we settle the soul with good ingredients to the source or sea of life, coming together to form the individual, and this is

The Cycle of Life.

filmed by Eden Sarna, text edited by Janet Cartlidge, copyright © 2014 Fabrice Schomberg

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